Why Adding an ATM To Your Hotel Lobby is Important

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve been away from home, either on vacation or a family trip, and you needed some extra money and you went down to the hotel lobby and they didn’t have an ATM?

We were on a tennis adventure for my daughter. There was seven families all together and we were planning on meeting for dinner. I know that in those situations, it’s always better to have cash instead of dividing up the bill with different credit cards. I knew this in advance, so what I did is I went down to the hotel lobby and I was looking around for an ATM.

When I didn’t see an ATM, I went up to the person at the front desk and I asked, “Where is your ATM?” The person instructed me that they didn’t have an ATM on the property.

I said, “Well where’s the nearest ATM?”

They said they didn’t know. I said, “Okay,” and I went out the door.

I walked to the next hotel, which we were in a group of three hotels in a row. Went down to the next hotel, and I went in that hotel and I asked them did they have an ATM and they didn’t have one on their property. I went to the next hotel, which was kitty corner from that one, and they didn’t have an ATM in the hotel.

After three tries, I was very frustrated, and I went back to the hotel, got my family and we ended up we had to stop at a gas station, which did have an ATM and we took out some money so we could go to the restaurant.

Very frustrated, so from now on when I look at a hotel, I’ll make sure that they have an ATM in case this ever happens to me again.

Here are 7 Benefits of Adding an ATM To Your Business

  1. We Pay you! You will be paid commission each month based on the total number of approved transactions.
  2. Absolutely No Cost In either time or money. We provide a new, state of the art ATM, we do all the work to support the ATM, and we pay you for every transaction.
  3. ADA and PCI Compliant Machines – All of our ATMs have been updated with the latest equipment to meet ADA and PCI requirements.
  4. EMV Upgraded– All new ATMs will have smart card readers (EMVs) ready for your future needs.
  5. No Hassle – We own, maintain and stock all the machines so there is no involvement from your staff or any third party vendors.
  6. 24/7 ATM Service – Each machine will have stickers clearly displayed with a service number in the event a customer needs customer service.
  7. Service Guarantee – Response time of 2 to 4 hours and problem resolution within 24 hours including weekends and holidays.